[Diskusi HRD Forum] Designing Compensation as the Foundation to a Talent Management Strategy

One Day Workshop
Designing Compensation as the Foundation
to a Talent Management Strategy
Enhancing Compensation strategy for Positive Organizational Impact
12 September 2008- Jakarta – HRD Forum Training Centre
Only Rp.1.250.000,-

Who Should follows: CEO, COO, CHRO, vice president of human resources, CIO, HR Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Talent and People Development Manager.

Compensation is the cornerstone of an effective talent management strategy. The ability to enable consistent, reliable and standardized compensation processes that are linked to key performance drivers of individual and organizational strategies can affect many facets of the business.   Some of these facets include:
• Improved employee morale and retention
• Increased employee engagement and productivity
• Strengthened governance and compliance with company and regulatory issues

Integrating a talent management vision—maintaining visibility, control and alignment of performance and compensation tied to business outcomes—has become critical to the success or failure of today’s organizations. Additionally, recognition of how well a company performs, and how the workforce contributes to that performance, can translate into an employment brand that will attract the best talent and ensure the company’s reputation as a desirable employer for both active and passive candidates.

However, achieving this brand is not easy. Compensation plans must be rational in design; robust in deployment, governance and management; and methodical in communication and rollout. Compensation must also seamlessly integrate all talent management components, especially performance management.  The ability to leverage performance and compensation data in a single view can provide some compelling insight into what motivates a high-performance employee. Performance-driven compensation can shape the future of the workforce as well as the business.

Our Workshop outline:
–         The definition of effective compensation management and why it’s critical in building a high-performance workforce
–         How compensation affects an integrated talent management strategy
–         The approaches and technologies that can enable a performance-drive compensation strategy
–         Recommendations for moving a performance-driven compensation strategy forward

Workshop Syllabi :

09.00 – 12.00   Part  I.  Effective Compensation Management
                         – Defining Performance-Based Compensation 
                         – Why Performance-Driven Compensation Matters
                         – Adopting a Performance-Driven Compensation Solution
12.00 – 13.00  Lunch
13.00 – 15.00  Part II. Trends Shaping Compensation Management
                        Part III Four Approaches to a Performance-Driven Compensation Strategy
                        –  Compensation-Focused Talent Management
                        –  Performance-Focused Talent Management
                        –  Suite-Focused Talent Management
                        –  ERP-Focused Talent Management
15.00 – 16.00  Conclusions and Recommendation for Implementation.

Course fee :

Rp. 1.250.000 per participant.

Account :
BCA – KCP Ahmad Yani – Bekasi
No. Rek : 739 041 0829  a/n  Bahari Antono
Information and Registration:
Ms. Rani Kartika

0815 1049 0007

HRD Forum
Email    : event@hrd-forum.com
website :

Pendaftaran Via SMS : 0815 1049 0007
(Nama, Perusahaan, Designing Compensation )

Formulir Pendaftaran
Subject                         : Designing Compensation as the Foundation to a Talent Management Strategy
Name                            : 
Company                      : 
Address                        :
Telp.                             : 
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