[HRD-POWER] [INFO] Mitsubishi Scholarship in Japan deadline September 11, 2008

Dear all,
I got the enclosed good news from a mailing list.

Ahmad Syamil
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From: ristekku-bounces@ristek.go.id [mailto:ristekku-bounces@ristek.go.id] On Behalf Of Nada
Sent: 02 September 2008 16:31
To: ristekku@ristek.go.id
Subject: [Ristekku – Gaul] Mitsubishi Corp. CSR project/Scholarship in Japan(fist deadline 11 September 2008)
Importance: High


Dear All,

Following the e-mail from Mr. Masataka Komiya, Regional Coordinator & Advisor for Indonesia, Mitsubishi corporation and our news at website RISTEK (http://www.ristek.go.id/index.php?mod=News&conf=v&id=2818) on June 24, 2008,  allow me to remind you again the scholarship programs from Mitsubishi corporation to all Indonesian candidates, especially to employees at RISTEK, LPND+2, ITB and UI.

Attached you could find the information of the scholarship programs which consist of (A) Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (GSAPS), at http://www.waseda.jp/gsaps and (B) National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), at http://www/grips.ac.jp.

MA Program/April 2009 Entry: (1) Deadline for submission for application docs: Sept 12 – 22, 2008, (2) Announcement for final result: October 23, 2008, (3) Deadline for entry procedure: November 27, 2008

PhDProgram/April 2009 Entry: (1) Deadline for submission of application docs: Jan 7- 15, 2009, (2) Announcement of 1st Selection: Feb 5, 2009, (3) 2nd selection: Feb 15, 2009, (4) Announcement of final result: Feb 19, 2009, (5) deadline for entry procedure: Feb 25, 2009


MA Program/April 2009 Entry: (1) Deadline for submission of application docs: * public policy program: December 3, 2008, *public finance program: February 25, 2009

PhD Program/April 2009 Entry: (1) Deadline for submission of application documents: December 2008

Since we will compile the applications from candidate from RISTEK, LPND+2, as well as ITB, and submit the docs to Mitsubishi Corporation (Jakarta Representative Office) by 12 September 2008, we would appreciate it if all of documents could be submitted (or sent) to us in the Ministry on 11 September 2008 (by mid-day time) at: teguhr@ristek.go.id; nada@ristek.go.id; erma@ristek.go.id (The State Ministry of Research & Technology, BPPT 2nd Building, 6th Floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin No.8, Jakarta 10340).

Your participation and or nominations for this scholarship is highly appreciated.  Looking forward to receive your applications and wish you luck!

With my best regards,

Nada Marsudi

International S&T Programs, RISTEK

—–Original Message—–
From: masataka.komiya@mitsubishicorp.com [mailto:masataka.komiya@mitsubishicorp.com]
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 1:31 PM
To: kardena@pusat.itb.ac.id; sonnyyuliar@ristek.go.id
Cc: kkadiman@ristek.go.id; motonobu.teramura@mitsubishicorp.com; hiroshi.shinohara@mitsubishicorp.com
Subject: Mitsubishi Corp. CSR project/Scholarship di Jepang

Yth. Bapak Dr. Edwan kardena, Director, International Office, ITB
Yth. Bapak Prof. Dr. Sonny Yuliar, Direktur, Studi Pembangunan, ITB

CC: Bapak Prof.Dr. Kusmayanto Kadiman
            Menteri Negara Riset dan Teknologi, RI

      Mr. Motonobu TERAMURA , Kepala Perwakilan Mitsubishi Corporation,
      Mr. Hiroshi SHINOHARA, DGM, Mitsubishi Corporation, Jakarta

Kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih atas bantuan Bapak Bapak atas perihal

Sebagaimana terlampir dibawah ini, kami ingin mohon kabar mengenai situasi
terutama mengenai calon calon dari ITB untuk Scolarship ini.

Terima kasih banyak atas perhatian dan bantuan Bapak Bapak.

Salam terhormat,

Masataka KOMIYA
Regional Coordinator & Advisor for Indonesia
Mitsubishi Corporation
Tel : 81-3-3210-7444  Fax : 81-3-3210-8959
3-1, Marunouchi 2 Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
100-8086 Japan
Mobile Phone : 81-80-1035-2474 (Japan)



                                                                        August 25th, 2008

Scholarship of Mitsubishi Corporation to Japan

1. University :

(1)Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (GSAPS)

(2)National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies (GRIPS)

  Sponsor for Indonesian Applicant : Mitsubishi CorporationMC(Japan)

2. Home Page : (1)GSAPS : http://www.waseda.jp/gsaps/

             (2)GRIPS : http://www.grips.ac.jp

 Please refer the English version of the above web-site for the details.

3. Program, Curriculum : (Please refer the above web-site for the details.)

 (1) MA Program    (2) PhD Program

 Curriculum held in English   MA and/or PhD as per applicant’s choice

 GRIPS rather recommend “Policy Analysis” Program of MA + PhD which is Sept. Entry.

4. Period (Academic Calender) :  (Please refer the above web-site for the details.)

 (1) April 2009 Entry

 (2) September 2009 Entry

5. Admissions (Qualifications/Submission of Application/Documents) :

Please refer the above web-site.

6. Application & Selection Procedure & Deadline :

 (1)Mitsubishi wish to have first application around the end of August from UI (FE) and ITB..

 (2)Then, GSASP or GRIPS will have selection procedure as follows.

GSAPS : (Please refer the above web-site for the details.)

MA Program / April 2009 Entry

    (1) Deadline for Submission of Application Documents : September 12th-22nd, 2008

    (2) Announcement of Final Result : October 23rd, 2008

    (3) Deadline for Entry Procedure : November 27th, 2008

PhD Program / April 2009 Entry

    (1) Deadline for Submission of Application Documents : January 7th-15th, 2009

 (2) Announcement for Result of 1st selection : February 5th, 2009

    (3) 2nd Selection : February 15th, 2009

(4) Announcement of Final Result : February 19th, 2009

 (5) Deadline for Entry Procedure : February 25th, 2009

GRIPS : (Please refer the above web-site for the details.)

MA Program / April 2009 Entry

(1)  Deadline for Submission of Application Documents :

*Public Policy Program : December 3rd, 2008

*Public Finance Program : February 25th, 2009    

PhD Program / April 2009 Entry

    (1) Deadline for Submission of Application Documents : December, 2008


7. Sponsorship Outline :

  MC will support the following costs for Indonesian Applicants during their stay (years) in Japan.

   (1)Airfare (Entry to & Departure from Japan, 1 time of Home Leave)

   (2)Transport (Domestic Transport in Indonesia & Japan on transferring)

   (3)Monthly Living Allowance

   (4)Monthly Housing allowance

   (5)Admission Fee for the Study

   (6)Other related costs

8. Contacts :

    Mitsubishi Corporation (Jakarta Representative Office) :

Mr. H. Shinohara : Tel./ (21) 5795-1108   E-Mail/ hiroshi.shinohara@mitsubishicorp.com

Mr. R. Adi : Tel./  (21) 5795-1108   E-Mail/ rusman.adi@mitsubishicorp.com



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