[hrd_executive_club] Himpunan Ebooks Safety / K3

Selamat PAGI !
Berikut kami menawarakan beberapa kelengkapan dalam penerapan K3 di perusahaan bapak/ibu/
dan mohon maaf apabila email ini menganggu.
Mohon maaf bila menggangu…
Price List :
1. Himpunan Peraturan Perundang-undangan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja 
   Collections of Safety Regulations(858 pages) Rp. 380.000 dan format CD/Soffcopy Rp.120.000
53 PPandUU (equiped with examples, forms and safety schemas)
2.PUIL 2000 (Electrics Safety : 2 books) Rp. 400.000
         – SNI 04-0225-2000  (552 pages)
         – Amandemen SNI-04-0225-2000/Amd1-2006  (114 pages)
3.1 cd Amandemen SNI-04-0225-2000/Amd1-2006 PUIL2000 Rp.150.000
4.Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety, Edited by Jeanne Mager Stellman,Published by ILO Genewa (4 Books) Rp. 1.000.000
5. Himpunan Peraturan Ketenagakerjaan th 2008 Rp, 300.000
6. 1 cd01#Safety Video (4 files)Rp. 100.000
7. 1 cd 02# Safety Video (42 files)  Rp. 100.000
8. 1 cd Materials and Safety RegulationsRp. 100.000
9, 1 cd Labour’s Regulations (157 item)Rp. 100.000
10 1 cd  (44 EBooks) : Rp.150.000
                                                                                           Hormat saya
Payment :
                                                                                          Komarinda Madini 
   Komarinda BCA KCP Cileungsi  No rek 4060467205                                    
   komarinda Bank BII Cab. Cibinong Rek 1-086-426885
   komarinda, S.Sos Bank Bukopin Cab Cibubur Rek 0122001895


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